Peace Globe #1479 A Printmaker's Blog About Art and Printmaking featuring her creation "Copper Spirit Of Peace"

Debra James Percival is an artist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She dedicated an entire day from Dawn to Dusk artistically depicting her story of peace through the copper plates she so beautifully uses to express herself. You will be inspired by her creation known as “Copper Spirit of Peace.” Click the peace to read how she created the transformation of peace and watch the progression of light as it changes from dawn to dusk.

The images below are copyrighted by the artist, Debra James Percival.

Special NOTE: Debra sent me a signed copy of one of the images you see below. I was thrilled!

Ottawa, Canada
Below is her amazing creation

6:55 am

7:10 AM

8:40 am

9:20 AM

10:30 AM

12:00 pm

1:10 pm
My Copper Spirit Escaping 4:20 PM

4:30 pm

My Copper Spirit of Peace Heading Into The Night at 5:00 pm

A Rainbow of Hope In The Dark at 6:20 pm

A Spirit of Hope Heading Out Into The Darkness 6:30 pm

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