Peace Globe #2003 ~ Its My Right To Be Left Of The Center

Its My Right To Be Left Of Center
Dusty Taylor
with John Lennon’s Give Peace A Chance video
Unknown Location

In Memoriam
Rest in Peace, Dusty

Peace Globe #2000 ~ Mimi Lenox @ Mimi Writes

My Peace Posts in chronological order
Papa’s Marbles. Not a pretty one in the bunch.
Every one brown or taupe.

I don’t know why my grandfather’s loving eyes gave me gifts of handmade earth-shaped marbles in a bowl that grace my piano top today, nor why he planned for me, all those years ago, to write about his prayers. I don’t know why.
But I do know how.

And so do you.
Let the revolution begin. 

“You do not need me to tell you what to do. I am proud of you and you are doing just fine. Just remember one thing: It takes all the dolls in the box to make the world a beautiful place, Mimi. . They can’t hear what the other one has to say unless you introduce them to one another and set their feet to dancing.
Take them out of the box.”

June 6, 2008  A Revolution of Words ~ #4
Voices of peace can’t war.
How, Mimi Pencil Skirt – as one reader asked – can you use the word revolution in the same sentence as peace? “Because,” I said with a mouth full of unexpected resolve …”because I now know the meaning of revolution.” I am turning. I am changing as I read. And walk through jungles
with starving children
with nothing to hide behind
but my words

Now I have yours too.

And then the world looked on as an election in the United States loomed ominously toward conflict of the most internal kind. Would we? Could we….

There is a place between two worlds I’ve heard of. Some say it is Holy.

I stood in that sacred space last week. I saw redemption and grace in a split second of time when one breath ended and another began. I am here as a witness to tell you it is full of Spirit.

Full of energy.
Full of peace.
Maybe we keep asking for the same struggle and getting exactly what we ask for because we’re not ready to lay down the most powerful weapon we have

Bloggingham Palace
United States
Original Peace Blogger

Peace Globe #1999 ~ GoodnightGram's Blog

Yes, she “knitted the world” together and made a knitted peace globe. It’s awesome!

Peace Globe #1999 ~ GoodnightGram’s Blog

Yes, she “knitted the world” together and made a knitted peace globe. It’s awesome!

Peace Globe #1997 ~ A Piece of My Mind

Facebook Julia Smith 
Member of The Peace Globe Worker Bees
with an incredible contemporary dance video on the art of surrender
You must see it!

Julia writes: “… Louise Lecavalier performs a section of a larger dance piece for La La La Human Steps, a contemporary dance company from Quebec, here in Canada.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Peace Globe #1996 ~ How To Become A Cat Lady….Without The Cats

Rochester, New York

“Finally, when I think of the word “peace”, I think of calm.  My life is often hectic and noisy.  I relish the moments I have when I can sit quietly and simply “be”.  These weeks of enforced inactivity have been a gift in that way.   I know from experience that unless I’m in a state of peace, I can’t be effective in promoting peace beyond myself.”

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