Peace Bloggers on Facebook ~ They’re on fire today!

Did you know there are currently over 2000 peace globes from 53 countries in this gallery  and 1260 members in the “cause” on FB? All of them are peace bloggers! And the numbers are growing exponentially. Have you added your name to these pages? Please do.

The BlogBlast For Peace page is here on FB. You can see the albums full of peace globes and information. I find new globes everyday!

It seems that the more social media forces its presence upon us the less true blogging is noticed these days.  Many long time true blue bloggers have migrated to Facebook and Twitter, closing their blogs altogether. I have noticed a marked change in comments Mimi Writes and my other blogs. When I link blog posts to my Facebook and Twitter pages, I get more comments there than here! Even though I enjoy those venues, I don’t plan on ever ditching my blogs. However, they have been remarkably effective for peace globes. BlogBlast For Peace on Facebook and Twitter has been met with great enthusiasm, so I say let’s utilize all the vast blogosphere has to offer and go with the flow of change….as long as it’s good change.

The first 2 logos on this page were created by Scottish author Michelle Yd Frost for the 2011 launch.  Michelle writes the blog Crow’s Feet. Her novel, First Light, can be purchased on There are links to her book on the blog. We thank her for being such a dedicated peace blogger.  There are several to choose from in the albums on her FB page. She has granted permission to use them and share them. 

Now, we also have a new page for Peace Bloggers.  THIS you don’t want to miss. It’s a place for peace bloggers of the past to reconnect, those in the present who keep the movement going to connect daily and future generations of peace bloggers to begin their journey with us.
There are 300 registered members already and I expect that number to rise significantly throughout the next few days.

Two very kind people who are much more graphically artistic than I, have created several new logos today. And I didn’t even ask them! What a wonderful surprise for us. The richly decorated peace logo below is the work of FB peace blogger Janice D’Agostino from Houston, Texas.  Janice authors two fabulous cooking blogs,  The Mindful Palate and The CC (Calorie Counting) Palate, both of which I can’t understand a word she’s saying. Big surprise, huh?  She has granted anyone permission to use the image below and if you need cooking lessons like I desperately do then head on over to her delicious pages.

It’s really exciting to see the level of growth and dedication to the peace globe movement that I’ve seen in the past week.  People are seriously contemplating needed change in our world and are much more active and vocal than they’ve ever been before on the subject. Have you noticed?  

See you soon for more updates and new globes. Have a wonderful weekend! And please stop by the FB pages to let me know you’re there!

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