At The Corner of Two Oceans ~ Knock! Knock! It’s Iceland!

After six years of wondering and waiting if we would ever have someone from the country of Iceland become a supporter of this movement, it happened yesterday!  There is now more than one participant on the BlogBlast For Peace page on Facebook from Iceland, but there was cause for celebration when I noticed the first one. Did you hear that big shout go out?  Papa’s peace marble is being splashed about from country to country in the most inspiring ways. Thanks to all the lovely people in that part of the world.  I am proud to announce:

Country #158 – the Nordic European Island country of Iceland, located at the corner of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The capital of Iceland is Reykiavik.


I think I see a peace globe about 18 degrees south of the Norwegian Sea.
Don’t you?
It’s so nice to have a covering of peace at the corner of an ocean boulevard.

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