Blog4Peace Globes #3292 – 3304 ~ Republic of Croatia

From the seaport coast of the Adriatic Sea in the nation of Croatia, 13 citizens fly a peace globe symbol on their Facebook pages. We thank them for sharing the message of peace in their personal homes and villages and with the world. Peace bloggers from the land of Croatia. Most excellent!


We welcome new peace bloggers from the following places in Croatia.    Cazma, Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska
Darda, Osjecko-Baranjska
Dubrava, Grad Zagreb
 Grad Zagreb
Maksimir, Grad Zagreb
Murter, Šibensko-Kninska
Osijek, Osjecko-Baranjska
 Rijeka, Primorsko-Goranska
Slavonska Pozega, Požeško-Slavonska
Špansko, Grad Zagreb
Vinkovci,  Vukovarsko-Srijemska
Zādār, Zagrebacka

Port of Rijeka

  We believe that words are powerful………this matters.   
The Official Blog4Peace logo (above right) was created from Papa’s earth marble and the international peace sign.  
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Zlatni rat Beach

What a gorgeous country!

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