Blog4Peace Globes #3317 – 3342 ~ Democratic Republic of The Congo

 In the middle of Africa in a landlocked country called the Democratic Republic Of The Congo, we find 26 citizens with our peace globe symbol on their Facebook pages. We thank them for sharing the message of peace in their personal homes and and with the world. So glad to see this African country.   Baku, Bas-Congo
Baku, Bas-Congo
Banga, Kasai-Occidental
Bauru, Equateur
Beni, Nord-Kivu
Bosa, Equateur

School classroom

Bukavu Sud-Kivu
Butembo, Nord-Kivu
Goya, Katanga
Kampalam, Kivu
Kano, Orientale
La Romana, La Romana
 Lubumbashi, Katanga
Lusaka, Kasai-Oriental
Moga, Maniema
Tema, Bas-Congo
Togo, Orientale

     We believe that words are powerful………this matters.   
The Official Blog4Peace logo (above right) was created from Papa’s earth marble and the international peace sign. Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook page#blog4peace ~ Pin It ~ Our Peace StorePeace Bloggers Group

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