Do You Own Your Words?

Peace work is easy. Work it out inside yourself and spread it around. The world is not such a small place anymore. Every step you take matters. Every word you say now is heard, re-verbed, blogged and re-blogged, rehashed and hashed again. It is technologically possible to gossip in abstention whether we intend to or not, to piggy-back on the words of folks three comment threads down the food chain. We have become entangled in each others’ lives in ways we may never fully disentangle. We live in a great echo of noise and chatter. A world that is never silent. We have the peculiar responsibility of owning every gesture and utterance that might be captured with a camera or a cache. We will either choose to own it or we will choose to fall into the masses and let someone else own our words for us. I can’t think of anything more frightening. 

These marbles that once belonged to my grandfather, have traveled the world….from his hand to mine, from mine to yours, from yours all over the globe. In the form of words and symbols, in every peace post ever submitted since this movement began, they remain true to the foundation of what we believe in this house of peaceful globes;  that words are powerful, that we all matter, that we all have a voice and should use it for the common good. When we speak collectively with one single purpose in mind, our words form a community that ripples across the globe. They form a world we long to see.

If people can put that much intent into one day, as we do every year on Nov 4, then we can do it everyday. And if enough people do it everyday – or even try to do it everyday – the world will start to change.  It will start to change because that is the only way it is going to change.

The intent of hearts form thoughts, thoughts form words, words form action. No species will choose to live in war if the other clear choice is peace.  And when this willful metamorphosis is done singularly amid the masses, you will begin to see that what began as a chain of words and symbols from one person to another, has become a way of being among many.  When we see that diversity can and has united us, we will also hold fast with great intention to the uniformity that binds us.
Who would want to ever let that go?

It really doesn’t matter if you believe that peace blogging is a small thing or whether it has the ability to alter the way we live and the way countries interact.  You may believe that your splash in this pond means nothing more than a quickly dying ripple. That belief would be wrong. Because in the meta world of algorithms and synchronization, we are way past the point of needing to measure the effect of our words. Whatever they are, they have great power. So choose them wisely. Start to think now what you will say to the world in November, because those words will never go away.
 What you do and say as a peace blogger is indeed immeasurable. 

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Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook page#blog4peace ~ Pin It ~ Our Peace StorePeace Bloggers Group

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