Peace Globes #4129 – 4178 from The Land of Afghanistan

From the country of Afghanistan, whose people fly a peace globe symbol on their Facebook pages, we add and welcome the following cities and towns. We thank them for sharing the message of peace in their personal villages and with the world.
 Andkhoi, Faryab   Bastan,Herat   Gereshk Herat (3)  Jalalabad  Kabul (29)   Kandahar (3)   Karchi, Badakhshan   Kunduz  Mazar-I-Sharif, Balkh (5)   Panjshir, Parvan    Sar-I-Pul, Sar-E Pol    Shahr-E Herat, Herat     Sharan, Paktika    

We believe that words are powerful….this matters.

  Let there be peace in Afghanistan.- See more at:

We believe that words are powerful. Join us.

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