We Need A Bigger Map and A Few More Pins

 Only 11 days and counting ’til the 10th launch of BlogBlast For Peace. It is so amazing to watch the peoples of the world begin to stir


and bend in the direction of peace words. November is full of magic and promise. Do you feel it? Can you see it? On our fan page alone there are now 20,372 humans ready and willing to at least acknowledge that the world – their world in their corner – needs peace, needs change, needs the rest of the world. On this blog we find thousands of homemade, lovingly crafted works of peace art linked to blogs and websites all across the world, submitted by men, women, children, cats, dogs, and gerbils (yes, really).. and every species in between. All because one day of the year they are bound and determined to do their part and add voice to a rallying cry for world peace. They have something to say. YOU have something to say. Do you know how sacred it is to own your words?   People want peaceful lives. They yearn for it. For themselves and for their children. I believe its time has not only come but is overdue. The latest country to join us is the Island of Mayotte pictured above. One person (so far) in this tropical place of beauty wants to blog for peace. I asked her to invite the whole country (and I secretly wished she would invite me to the tropical island, but I digress!)  This week we welcomed the Asian country of Tajikistan, the African countries of Malawi and Lesotho and Luxembourg in Europe.   I used to envision thousands of imaginary red pins stuck to an imaginary map of places where people lived who blogged for peace. I would wonder what their lives were like, what their hopes and dreams were for their families, how they lived, what they looked like. Now I need a bigger map and a lot more pins… except this time, my map is not imaginary. It is real.
Over 20,000 citizens from 195 countries and territories on six continents

Join us NOV 4 ~ wherever you are on the web
One voice. One subject.

One day.

Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook pageOur Peace Store
Peace Bloggers Group

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