FREE Peace Globe Templates and Graphics in Blue

Dona nobis pacem ~ Grant us peace
Nov 4th is Blog4Peace in the Blogosphere!

Blank and pre-made templates for your use as a peace blogger. Add them to your blogs, sidebars, Facebook and Twitter pages. Add your own words and pictures to these templates and blog that peace!
How To Get Your Peace Globe

One subject ~ One voice ~ One day

Earth tones on this page.
Greens on this page
Funky reds/pinks on this page 

Rich blues are synonymous with the peace globe movement and most recognizable. But you can blog in any color you choose. Just make sure you write “Dona nobis pacem” on the one you choose for Nov 4.

Earth tones here

Earth tones are on this page.

Graphics & Design copyright: Mimi Lenox

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