Take The 30 Days of Love Challenge!

 The 30 Day Countdown to BlogBlast 4 Peace begins! Blog4Peace 2015 is Nov 4!
Here’s my challenge to you.

As we previously announced here, our theme this year is Peace and The Power of Love.
I challenge you to write down at least one loving act or thought each day and post it.  Copy the graphic at left and display it with your posts. That’s easy!

 We change the molecular atmosphere around us many times each day by giving away the best of who we are and keeping the energy positively charged around us. We all do much more than we give ourselves credit for. Being loving brings peace to our circumstances, peace within our relationships, peace in our neighborhoods, peace to the world.

The Peace and The Power of Love Challenge ~ For the next 30 days from Oct 4 – Nov 4 ~ let’s be present for love.  Let’s consciously and with purpose and intent NOTICE the ways we express love to one another and then AFFIRM the peace it brings into our lives. Let’s record it. Write it down. And share our findings with each other. It may be in the way you cook a special meal for someone (or an ordinary everyday meal!), the way you play with your pets, starting your spouse’s car on a cold morning, really listening to someone’s problems, or simply saying a kind word to a stranger on the street.

 There are no small ways to love.

  I’m willing to bet that if we consciously attend to those moments and record them in our minds (and on our pages, too) we’ll begin to understand more fully how acting on the love we feel for each other and our planet makes us more peaceful people. I’m willing to wager also that deliberate acts of love and kindness toward those we don’t get along with, will bring even more significant peaceful change to ourselves and our world.

Why do I believe this? 
Because after nine years of peace blogging, I know you. I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in the collective power of positive intent within this community. You have shown time and again what lengths you are willing to go in order to manifest peace during peace season and all through the year. All you have to do is read the thousands of posts HERE on the Official Site to believe in peace globes. Once a peace blogger, always a peace blogger. The movement has changed me and how I look at the world. It is not what I did. It is what WE did. 

Because we share a common thread of desire to become more peaceful people, we are becoming more peaceful and loving. I see it and feel it. 

I’m going to begin my peace blogging challenge this year by answering this question…..

Who is your person?
Who is the one person in my life who inspires me to love?
 Day 1 of the 30 Days of Love Challenge will be devoted to my grandfather

Who is YOUR person?

Peace and Love are not just worn out hippie phrases. They work interchangeably.
They incorporate the powerful concept of forgiveness and grace. 

 Peace and love encompass and ignite the gift of mercy within us. They teach us to look intimately into each other – not at each other – with the eyes of humanity. For we are all human.  

Peace and love enlarge our relationships. If you can understand the motivations and intents of another, you can love them, forgive them, and be at peace with them. You will have no room for hatred, judgement, or malice. It’s not about how they react or reciprocate,, even whether they respond or not, but about how the change occurs within you

Peace and love call for a laying down of arms. If you can change your weaponry to an arsenal of compassion, you will walk with a new knowledge, forged from a new vision, and those who are not yet at peace with you will see it and feel it. Making peace with someone is the same thing as offering love.  
 Change will come in your life.  If enough of us see the need for this kind of inward focus and walk compassion instead of hate, change will come to all of us.
 Change will come to the planet.
So, this year I ask that you examine the way you interact with the people around you. Is it loving? Is it peaceful? Is it quiet? Is it meaningful? Is it for their good and yours? Is it fused with compassion? Are your motives pure? Does it serve the world? Are you happy and fulfilled in the circle where you abide? If not, what can you do or say to make it better? Take the 30 Day Love ChallengeGo!  

Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook page Our Peace Store How To Blog4Peace1. Make a peace globe. Choose any graphic on this page. Save. Sign. Decorate 2. Send the finished peace globe to blog4peace@yahoo.com or TAG Mimi Lenox on Facebook 3. Post it anywhere online November 4 4. Title your post or status Dona Nobis Pacem (Latin for Grant us Peace) hashtag #blog4peace #blogblast4peace

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