30 Days of Love

Michelle Frost ~ Scotland

Oct 4 – Nov 4

Within the span of one’s life there are those who walk the path with us – guiding, teaching, holding our hands. They shape our destinies with unconditional love. My Papa was that person for me. Who is your person?

Here’s my challenge: Post one loving act or thought each day that answers the questions… Who inspires you to love? What inspires you to love? What love did you witness today? Write it down and share it with us. At the end of 30 days we’ll be ready to Blog 4 Peace on Nov 4th. You’ll be all the more peaceful for noticing the love along the way. Join us.

Bloggers participating in the #30DaysofLove Challenge will have their daily contributions housed on this page. Please tag Mimi Lenox on FB if that is where you are posting yours so that I can find them.  Adding continually….

Day 1 ~ Oct 4:
From Michelle Frost in Scotland ~ “Who Is Your Person?”

I knew this would make me cry as soon as she posted it to my timeline. You will hear her heart in every word. This is…
Posted by BlogBlast For Peace on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nanna Aldrich Murakami ~ Honolulu, Hawaii

 Jeanette Matthews in North Carolina
Who is my person? Who is the person that inspires me to love?
I have more than one person that fills that role and can’t name them all but the main one is God. God has blessed me with so much room in my heart to love others and give to others. I thank Him daily for everybody and everything in my life. Without Him I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be able to share this post 📮 with all my family and friends. The second main person has to remain anonymous because it would take forever to explain why I even have this person in my life but this person taught me what real love is, how to express it, and how to use it. This anonymous person is always helping others and doing good things although they’ve not always had a good life because of heartless people and has experienced a lot of pain but no matter what this person has always reached out to others. Another person would have to be my Mama. Mama gives freely and loves freely and she’s always been there for me and raised me to love and respect others. Then my Daddy who I look like, act like in some ways and who has always helped me any way he could. Next is my ‪#‎bff‬ Angela Allen who has been my friend since third grade. Angie is the epitome of friendship and love . She’s always helped me and been there for me and I’m blessed to have her in my life. After Angie would have to be my wonderful husband, John Edward Matthews who has shown me and given me his unconditional love since the first time he said those 3 little words. Then comes my extended family 👪 and friends who always are there for me with a hug or kind words or even a smile and who aren’t afraid of sending me a text or calling me. I also have to say that all of my grandparents were my person too because they showered me with kisses 💋 and love too. So I have more than one person. Who is your person?

Mimi Lenox
When Baby Boy was four, I asked him to examine them with his trusty magnifying glass.
I handed the marbles to him without saying a word.
After some time of careful inspection and thought, he looked at me with all the seriousness of a 4-year-old rocket scientist and announced, “They’re spirit rocks.”

Day 2 ~ Oct 5:

Shannon and her love for Shelby. She writes, ” I dedicate Day 2 of the 30 Days of Love to my dog, Shelby. Shelby helps…
Posted by BlogBlast For Peace on Monday, October 5, 2015

Sandra Hammel …. We love what she says about love today. Read on…
Posted by BlogBlast For Peace on Monday, October 5, 2015

 Jeanette Matthews…

 Mimi Lenox…..

Day 3 – Oct 6

Blog for peace Nov 4. Join us
blog4peace.com to get your own peace globe

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