Seven Ways To Remain More Peaceful This Week

Here are Seven Ways To Remain More Peaceful This Week
Practice one new strategy each day for the next 7 days until they become routine. Your mental health will thank you.
a peace globe by Steven Kochan from Florida

1. Take 5-10 minutes each day to stretch, do yoga, meditate, pray, or read. It’s a start. Small steps create lifelong habits. Lifelong habits create health and well-being.

2. Drink more water. Yes, I said H2O! Keeping yourself physically healthy is crucial when dealing with the stressful lives most of us lead.

3. Go to bed early. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Awake refreshed and focused. You can’t “make it up” later.

4. Laugh (or a least smile broadly!) Find something humorous in each day. Even if it’s laughing at yourself. Work and life demands are serious enough. Let out a good ‘ole belly laugh now and then.  It makes people wonder.

5. Slow down.  Walk slower. Take your time. Rushing creates frantic people. Frantic people make mistakes and live in constant stress.  Chronic stress causes heart attacks. When you find yourself walking faster and faster to the next appointment or meeting, take a long deep breath and make longer strides down the hallway or across the parking lot.  I promise you’ll begin to feel more peaceful inside.

6. Unclutter and unplug. I am working on doing this in small chunks in my life.  For instance, on the way to work in the car, don’t think about work!! Just drive. Or ride the train and notice the scenery.  Or walk to work and listen to music. There are minutes here to sneak in some deep breathing and thankfulness thinking.  Take a mini-soul-vacation en route and on the way home. I personally like to unplug from all noise as soon as my workday ends. I don’t even listen to music on the radio.  Don’t let thoughts of work and what you have to do today or tomorrow create a frantic pace in your mind.

7.  Practice letting go of what you cannot control. I do this by asking myself the same question each night: Did I do the best I could today?  Answer the question and then let it go. Tomorrow is a new day, a clean slate.  This practice keeps me from carrying over resentment and worry into the next day. It forces me to throw away regrets of the day. Most of the time you can answer, “Yes! I did the best I could!” Give yourself an emotional pat on the back.  If you fall short occasionally, briefly vow to do better the next time you’re presented with the same set of circumstances and then move on. The other 99% of your day was indeed the best you could do! Now let it go.

Have a lovely week, Peace Bloggers!

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