30 Day Countdown to Blog4Peace ~ November 4, 2018

Each year on November 4th we celebrate with thousands around the world. PEACE!
It’s time to fly your wonderful peace globes. What will you write about this year? How will you design your peace globe? Is there something in your soul you’ve been dying to say? Our theme this year is The Power of Words!!

Use your voice, your blog, your presence on the Internet to focus on one collective wish – PEACE.  Write a peace post, post a peace globe. Visit other writers and make connections with peace bloggers all over the world. It’s a phenomenal day in the Blogosphere and on the Internet!!

Please don’t miss it!  
Go to http://blog4peace for thousands of globe examples. Then plan to participate with all of us. 

What is it? 
BlogBlast For Peace (aka Blog4Peace) is an international effort on the part of bloggers and social media gurus to influence the status quo on the subject of peace. We shake up the system. We sow seeds of discomfort just to make you think. We stir up the atmospheric pressure on a global scale from Africa to Anaheim. PEACE. We speak peace. Peace be still. Dona nobis pacem. Grant us peace. We pray for peace. We meditate for peace. We work for peace. We connect with other peacemakers on this planet and declare that we are UNITED in our work.

Do you have a blog? A social media page? A Facebook page? A website?
You can blog for peace wherever you are online.
Want to join us?   Here’s how!

1. Make a peace globe.  Simply choose a template (FOUND HERE) and design it with a peace message. There are thousands of examples made by peace bloggers at the Official Peace Globe Gallery @ http://blog4peace.com.  Right here on this site!

2. Title your blog or social media post with these three words, “Dona nobis pacem” which is Latin for Grant us Peace.

3. Publish your peace globe and post on November 4th

We look forward to seeing you then! Our theme this year is The Power of Words. Take one day to voice your desire for a peaceful planet. The Universe will respond in kind to the thousands of vibes put into the atmosphere.
Peace blogging is powerful. Your WORDS are powerful. Use them for good!!

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4 Like Our Facebook Page ~ Peace Store How To Get Your Own Peace Globe”

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