Peace in the Time of Quarantine ~ Announcing Blog 4 Peace NOV 4, 2020

Wherever you find your peace….
share it with others. It’s time to Blog4Peace. November 4th is the day.
Blue peace globe template for Nov 4
It is our 15th year of peace blogging.

I still find my own peace in the sanctuary of silence, meditation and prayer. Living in the days of a global pandemic calls for more and more of whatever brings you to the place you call peace. 
I love Natalie Grant’s honest emotional performances. Those strings!
 That choir Recorded with The London Studio Orchestra earlier this year, I was shocked and inspired to see that one of the cellists looks exactly like my Papa, my grandfather, the marble-giver, the one who set my life on a path of discovering peace. Coincidence? Or is it a wink and a nod from Heaven….Papalways leaves me clues. I think this is no different.  

We Blog 4 Peace November 4, 2020. Wherever you find your solace in this year of upside-down humanity, please prepare to share it with us. The world needs peace like never before. 

Our 2020 theme is Peace in the Time of Quarantine. 
 It’s a launch!  Dona nobis pacem in the blogosphere has begun.

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