Peace Globe of The Day ~ Harry and Sherpa!

From the blog Books, Cooks, Looks! we have the animals on Patty Leonard Woodland’s farm (The Happy Goats are awesome!) blogging for peace in the year 2015. This is what they had to say, “This year Harry and Sherpa have come together to meow to you to come together no matter what your differences may be. Because is you don’t we have no hope of ever seeing Peace in our lifetimes. If a frisky tuxie cat and a cantankerous orange tabby can get along then there is hope for everyone else.” Yes! We agree! You can read what else they had to say HERE.

Thank you for continuing to inspire.

All We Need Is Love…

Our Peace Globe of the Day comes from the Philippines in the year 2007! Simple. Powerful. We’ve always loved it. Here’s a LINK to the original post creator. The blog is called Everything and Then Some. We thank her for continuing to inspire.

And by the way…..this was number #27 (!) documented in the Official Gallery.

Peace Globe of The Day ~ Bailey the Boat Cat!

Peace Globe of The Day comes from Rome, Italy where Bailey the Boat Cat is in charge of sea waters! He writes on his previous blog ….”I hope and dream that evfurryone will be able to live peacefully on our blue planet. Human furiends remember that a smile starts another smile and furry furiends a purr or headbutt starts more purrs and more headbutts. Be nice to each other.”

His posting from 2014 is numbered #10,491 in the Official Gallery and on this blog as well.

Thank you, Bailey. You continue to inspire.

Peace Globe of The Day ~ The Chronicle of Woos

From a beautiful blog called The Chronicle of Woos, we have today’s peace globe of the day. It was created in 2010 by Annelisa in England for this group of handsome fellows in Overland Park, Kansas.

Thank you so much. You continue to inspire.

Peace Globe of The Day ~ Kjelle Bus

aka Charlie Rascal… Today’s globe comes from Sweden way back in the year 2011. Here’s the LINK to his blog and what he had to say about peace with a personal connection to the wise and honorable Dalai Lama.

This was Peace Globe #8678 and is documented HERE in the Official Gallery.

Peace and love

Visit the Peace Globe Gallery

Way back in the year 2006 we began blogging for peace. An official gallery was created on the blogspot platform. It houses all the peace globes flown in the Blogosphere and on Social Media since November 2006. Of course, there are more to find and document. An endless (and joyous) task!

The first peace globe 2006

If you don’t see yours there (AND here on this blog) yet….don’t worry. It will eventually find its honorable place in the gallery. And if you have time, please send it to me at blog4peace at and I will promptly number and add it. There’s always the chance that some of them fell through the intrawebs before I could catch them.

Please take a minute to see our FIRST site at this link The Official Site of The Peace Globe Gallery. Not only are the globes recorded there, but you can also click the graphic and be transported to the original blog posting from waaaayyy back in the day. Many of the blogs from that long ago have been deleted or moved to other platforms. Most people blog for peace on social media these days (and that’s OK too!) I’m so thankful to have an accounting of those that went before when blogging was blogging – if you know what I mean.

Peace and love,

Mimi Lenox

Founder, Blog4Peace

Peace in Ukraine ~ Dona nobis pacem

Peace bloggers from all over the world will blog and post for peace this weekend (Sat & Sun) in support of the people of Ukraine.

Thank you for joining us. Please pray for Ukraine and the entire world.
Sign the Mr. Linky below if you are participating or tag us on Facebook.
Ukraine peace globe templates found HERE. The event goes through the entire weekend. I hope you draw inspiration from the writing of others in these challenging times.  Here are a few of the new peace globes coming in…

Created by Ann Adamus @ Zoolatry

Julie Schultz ~ with a post about Operation Christmas Child and Samaritan’s Purse efforts in Ukraine. Click here to read.

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