Get Your Own Peace Globe

Blank template to use
How To Blog4Peace ~3 STEPS
1. Save and Sign 
Choose any graphic in this post or click this link for a whole page of free peace globe templates!  
Design your peace globe with quotes, photos, graphics, and individualized messages of peace.
Dona nobis pacem means Grant Us Peace in Latin.


2. Send
the globe to and TAG Mimi Lenox on Facebook. Your contribution will be added to this gallery. 

3. Post 
 it anywhere online November 4. Title your post Dona Nobis Pacem. Post on blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, ANYWHERE you are online.

Don’t have a blog? No worries. You can blog for peace on FACEBOOK or any other social media site by simply changing your status to “Dona nobis pacem” on November 4th and adding the peace globe image. Tag me on Facebook and Twitter and I will find your contribution and bring it back home to this gallery of peace.  Blog4Peace Facebook page 

The goal is for all blog post titles and social media posts to say the same thing on the same day across the Internet.  
Using hastags such as #blog4peace #blogblastforpeace #blogblast4peace #peace will keep us all together and allow others to find all the wonderful peace globes.

That’s it! You’re a 

See you November 4th!
Please contact  if you need assistance.

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