Peace Globes of The Day ~ We Remember 911

The Remembrance Peace Globes of 911 are being highlighted today. I will add to this collection as the day goes by. Twenty-One years later. Never forget.

Trav’s Thoughts 

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September 11, 2001 ~ Never Forget

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the horror of 911 in the United States. Let us honor those lost, remember those who serve and protect, and pray for peace….for our nation and for the world. These are a few of the wonderful peace globes submitted to commemorate this date. Take the two templates below and create your own 911 peace globe. Fly it on your blog or social media page.

Here are some of the globes flown from around the world.

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Peace Globe #2425 ~ On A Limb With Claudia

On A Limb With ClaudiaMember of The Peace Globe Worker Bees Original Peace BloggerDenver, Colorado  Pin It Peace Store

Peace Globe #2417 ~ Shannon’s Moments Of Introspection

 Shannon’s Moments Of Introspection
Special 911 Remembrance
Bangor, Wisconsin

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911 Eleven Years Later

The sky was almost the same. Clear and warm with white puffy clouds. Eleven years ago today in the comfy confines of a rehearsal room, my colleague and friend appeared at the door, visibly shaken with a look of fear on his face I’d never seen. And we watched in utter silence and shock as the second plane hit live before our eyes. He became the-person-I-was-with-when.

This morning as President and Mrs. Obama observed a moment of silence at the White House, I felt the same emotion in my heart at 9:03, let the same tears fall as I remembered the sight of United Airlines Flight 175 approaching the South Tower of the World Trade Centers.
God rest the souls of those murdered that life-changing day, from Shanksville to Washington to New York.
May we always remember and honor them.

On The 11th Anniversary of 911 …. Blog For Peace

Shannon of Shannon’s Moments of Introspection created this for Tuesday’s special BlogBlast For Peace remembrance launch. She gives permission for anyone to use it. We thank her for this beautiful work.

A sobering creation by Nicholas Temple in Kentucky for last year’s 911 remembrance. He has given permission for anyone to use it. Thank you, Nick.

Use any of the templates you see below just as the are or decorate them as you wish.
Others are always available here as well.
Choose a color to match your blog

Earth tones on this page   Funky pinks/reds

We honor and remember those who lost their lives on that tragic day.

Peace Globe #2219 ~ It’s All Good

It’s All GoodJohn MoorePennsyvlania
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