Peace Globe #10,347 ~ Driller’s Place

Bentonville, Arkansas

 “Peace is a matter of the heart. When the heart and soul are at peace, the person is at peace and as someone has said, “What consumes your mind will control your life.” This planet is being consumed by hearts filled with bitterness, hate, prejudice and greed. Those who believe that forcing their will on others through war and terror will bring peace and make this planet a better place are sadly mistaken. Their hearts will never be truly satisfied. There will always be one more thing to conquer and still, satisfaction will not come. Again, it has been said, “The only One who can truly satisfy the human heart is the one who made it.”

Peace Bloggers #4357 – 4587 Hail from Alabama to Azerbaijan

  So happy to acknowledge 231 additional folks on the BlogBlast For Peace page  at Facebook. They recently became part of our peace blogging efforts on social media. Awesome!! 
 Alabama (2)  Algeria (97)   Angola (7)  Argentina (18)   Arkansas (6)  Arizona (8)  Armenia (5)  Australia (24)  Austria (5)  Azerbaijan (55) and Aruba (4) We welcome them.  The next Blog4Peace day is Nov 4! We can’t wait to see peace globes and powerful words flying from the following cities and towns…..
Alabama: Alexander City and Tillmans Corner
Algeria:  Aflou, Algeria    ‘Aïn Benian   ‘Aïn El Turk, Oran    Ain Kercha, Oum El Bouaghi         Ain Sefra, Naama   Ain Temonchent       Algeri, Alger  (7),    Al-Jezair, Alger   Alger Plage   Algiers (3)     Annaba, Amizour    Babar, Khenchela       Bejaia  Aoulef Cheurf,   Barika, Batna   Batna (3)   Beaulieu, Alger   Beni Mester, Tlemcen         Beni Saf,   Beni Saf, Tlemcen    Blida   Bougie, Bejaia (2)   Bouira, Setif      Boumerdas, Boumerdes   Briskra, Biskra    Carnot, Ain Defla       Cheraga, Alger    Cherchell     Chlef   Constantine  Deli Ibrahim   El Asnam, Chlef          Ech Chlef, Chlef    El Afroun, Blida       El Eulma (2)   El Harrach, Alger  El Kala    El Mouradia, Alger    El Oued   Fedj M’Zala, Constantine (2)    Ferdj M’Zala    Ghardaia       Hacine, Mascara      Hassi Messaoud   Jean-Bart, Alger    Jijelli, Jijel    Kais, Khenchela   Kolea, Tizpaza        Kouba, Alger    La Perouse   Lakhdaria   Lalla Maghnia, Tlemcen    M’Doukal, Batna    Mahdia, Tiaret          Mirabeau Tizi    Ouzou     Old Ténès, Chlef    Ouadhia, Tizi Ouzou       Oued Taga     Oum El Bouaghi       Rahouia, Tiaret    Relizane   Saint Pierre, Oran       Setif (3)   Sidi Bel Abbès     Sidi Mabrouk, Constantine    Sidi Moussa       Sidi Okba, Biskra       Souk El Tenine, Bejaia (2)   Staloueli, Alger  Tamanghasset     Tebessa   Theinet el Had, Ain Defla    Theveste, Tebessa  Tenes   Tiaret (2)  Timimoun   Tipaza   Tizi (2) Gheniff, Tizi Ouzou        Tlemcen   Vialar, Tissemsilt

Angola: Carmona, Uige   Catumbela   Luanda (3)    Mussulo, Luanda   Viana

Argentina:  Alejo Ledesma,  Azul  Buenos Aires (3),  Castelar    Concepcion de la Sierra        Lujan, Buenos Aires   Constitucion, Distrito Federal     Cruz del Eje    Intendente, Alvear      Mar del Plata     Marcelino, Escalada     Mercedes, Corrientes     Pigue   Santiago del Estero   Tucuman   Zarate (2)

Arkansas: Brookland, Hamson, Hope, Jonesboro, Little Rock and Malvern

Arizona: Casa Grande, Glendale, Phoenix (4), Tucson, Show Low

Armenia:  Abovyan    Erevan, Yerevan (2)   Quindio    Sisian

Aruba:  Oranjestad (2)   Rooi Cochi     Santa Cruz

Australia: Breakfast Creek, Queensland   Brisbane, Queensland (2)   Bundaberg, Queensland  Canberra, Australian Capital Territory      Frankston North, Victoria    Inglewood, Queensland       Kleinton, Queensland      Melbourne, Victoria (3)  Leeton, New South Wales   Mitchelton, Queensland    Newcastle, New South Wales        Perth, Western Australia (2)   Sydney, New South Wales (2)     Taree, New South Wales   Texas, Queensland      Tweedheads, New South Wales    Wagga Wagga, New South Wales    West Hoxton, New South Wales

Austria:  Graz, Steieirmark   Innsbruck    Linz  Salzburg  Vienna

Azerbaijan:  Agsu, Ağsu    Bakıxanov, Baki   Baku (15)   Baku, Bali (7)  Barda   Bilyasuvar   Binagady, Bakı   Borsunlu    Culfa, Naxcivan        Fizuli (2)   Gandja, Ganca  Ismilli    Kazakh, Qazax  Kedabek    Mardakyany  Masazır, Abseron    Mingechaurges, Mingecevir      Naxcıvan, Naxçıvan Naxcıvan, Naxçıvan (2)   Qakh, Qax    Ordubad, Naxçıvan    Salian, Salyan (2)  Saray, Abşeron  Sheki, Şəki,   Sumqayıt  Tovuz  Ucar  Xaçmaz, Xaçmaz  Xirdalan, Abseron   Xudat (2)
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How To Blog4Peace 1. Make a peace globe. Choose any graphic on this page. Save. Sign. Decorate

2. Send the finished peace globe to or TAG Mimi Lenox on Facebook

3. Post it anywhere online November 4
4. Title
your post or status Dona Nobis Pace
m (Latin for Grant us Peace) hashtag #blog4peace #blogblast4peace

Peace Globe #4121 from England, Arkansas

Buffalo River, Arkansas

 We welcome another person from Arkansas in the town of England. Thank you for supporting peace in your beautiful countryside. It does look peaceful in your part of the world.

See the official logo on thousands of Facebook pages and be inspired by what is happening.

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Peace Globe #3,776 – 3,778 ~ Arkansas Blogs For Peace

Petit Jean Mountain

From the great state of Arkansas in the United States of America, three citizens from the following locations now fly a peace globe symbol on a  his/her Facebook page. We welcome the following cities and towns. Thank you for sharing the message of peace in your personal homes and villages and with the world.
Locations in Arkansas blogging for peace –  Bytheville, Emmet, Fayetteville   If words are powerful…then this matters.#blog4peace Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook pageOur Peace Store
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Blog4Peace Globes #2676 – 2783 Arkansas

  From the great state of Arkansas, these citizens fly a peace globe symbol on their Facebook pages. We thank them for sharing the message of peace in their personal homes and villages and with the world. We welcome the following townships and neighborhoods.
We believe that words are powerful…this matters.   Bentonville, Arkansas
Conway, DeWitt
El Paso Little Rock

Buffalo National River


The Official Blog4Peace logo (above right) was created from Papa’s earth marble and the international peace sign.

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Announcing BlogBlast4Peace ~ Join us Nov 4, 2012


At sunset on July 12, 2012, we, as a community of peace bloggers, launched the 9th BlogBlast For Peace aka Dona nobis pacem in the blogosphere. We made a trip to the shore (virtual and real) and synchronized sunsets across the globe. From Israel to the Atlantic, the Ohio River to the Ionian Sea, virtual splashes from Arkansas to the Connecticut River, from British Columbia, Newfoundland to the Florida coastline, Ireland and Washington, even Mississippi and Oregon met me in North Carolina on the Cape Fear River…. Peace globes 2012 was launched. We made quite a splash.

 I could think of no better way to announce our November 4th campaign than a designated time for all to bring the same thoughts and vibes to the table…er…ocean.  And that’s just what happened. It wasn’t just me making an announcement. It was all of usSee the Facebook Event page here. (Peaceful Message In A Bottle Tossing Event)

I was literally on the Atlantic Ocean. This is what happened during a most meaningful beginning:

 Quotations came in. I put them in a bottle* or wrote them on shells and rocks. I painted and scripted and cut scrolled paper into strips.  Then I wrote my own letter to place in the bottle explaining the movement and its history. This is what sunset looked like when I walked out to greet my fellow peace bloggers on the shore of my Atlantic. The light was blue! Wherever peace bloggers were in the world –  on their own beaches of change and hope – I knew they were tossing peaceful thoughts at the same time. These are a few of the sayings I took with me to the beach:

 Julie Rose from Ohio sent this quote in. I placed it in the bottle and also wrote it on a shell.
A Kwee Life from Cabot, Arkansas had this to say…
and chose to toss it in the Bloggy Ocean at Message In A Bottle

Shannon from Shannon’s Moments of Introspection tossed a bottle on both her blogs and all over Facebook.

Silvia Hoefnagels (Salix Tree) an artist from Ireland who has been a peace blogger since its inception in 2006 created this Lennon inspired “peace” of artwork and posted it on the event page: 

She wrote, “below us, above us” I’ve been doing artwork based on schematics.. this one is based on a RF Power oscillator schematic, musical notes from “Imagine” and the thoughts in my head today. This is the day of “throw-a-peace-message-into-the-ocean. So I have myself throwing a virtual peace sign into a virtual ocean.”

DJ of One Heart in Israel. I wrote her quote on a beautiful horizontal shell I found on the beach. It was perfect. I threw it into my Atlantic and wished for peace on her far-from-peaceful shore. I hope it makes it to her.

Jamie White of Durward Discussion blogged peace and tossed a bottle in the Bloggy Ocean

 Kirstin contributed a powerful Santana quote:

Travis of Trav’s Thoughts with an original quote always associated with his peace posts: Diversity need not be divisive. 

 and dear chef Janice D’Agostino of The Mindful Palate and The Peaceful Palate did a little sprinkling….

and more! I saw these folks there as well…Randal, Dawn, Fisher and Staff, Lori Cheryl, Julie, Ann, Nicholas, Michelle, Hope, Diane (on the Connecticut River), Michael, Jobi (who wrote, “The time for peace is now”) Ned (tossing from the Ohio River), EmmDee, Sonny Bee (who will toss a peace message into the Ionian Sea for us in August) CGrayWolf, Eileen, Alicia Ballard, Julie Carlisle, Doreen, Alison, DJ in Israel and others.

It was so moving to think of the peace bloggers physically (and virtually and metaphorically!) delivering peace to the ocean at the same time. Instead of one person announcing a movement launch while others jump in to follow – we actually began together. I like that. I like that a lot. It speaks to the continuity this movement has achieved and the dedication of all of you. We do believe that words are powerful…or we wouldn’t have given them back to the sea and to each other.

 Thanks to all who participated in reality or spirit – which is one and the same in my opinion.
It’s a launch.
BlogBlast For Peace 2012 has officially begun. What a peaceful way to begin the countdown to November 4th.
Maybe someday somewhere somehow, somebody will find our words and know that a group of writers took the time to write and blog about a peaceful world. Maybe they will join us. Maybe they will believe that it is possible.

Hope to see you there.
We believe that words are powerful…this matters.

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*bottle – biodegradable plant based material
Photography Mimi Lenox

Peace Globe #2158 ~ Mark R. Prime

Facebook Entries
Bentonville, Arkansas 

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2011

Peace Globe #2152 ~ Confession Zero

Bentonville, Arkansas

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2012

Peace Globe #2107 Regina Bridges

Conway, Arkansas

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