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 Dona Nobis Pacem in the Blogosphere began in 2006 and is held annually on November 4th. Our theme for 2022 is “No Freedom. No Peace” and my peace post is called…. 

I woke up smelling rain….and thinking of dahlias.Seeing a girl so newly married and in love that if you told her the sky was purple she would have believed it if it came from his eyes. I was that girl.
Standing beside the carport of our first modest house, I was planting petunias and dahlias, covered in straw mulch, stardust and dreams. Perched beneath the eave of a green house under a peculiar blue sky, I remember the smell of that rain. Wondering if I’d get my flowers in the ground before the clouds broke free.
 Soon the house would have new siding, brick window casings and a new front porch. And because the roof was flat and tarred, men from our church descended upon us early one Saturday morning, raising pitched rafters and putting on a new roof. It was like an old-fashioned barn raising in the suburbs! They wore blue overalls with pockets of tools and handkerchiefs. One carried Bible tracts in his back pocket and just before the work began, I heard a whole bunch of deacons high on my little green house say a hearty prayer and a big hallelujah amen (kind of like a Baptist football huddle but not…)

We suddenly had an attic and beautiful wood stained siding in the course of one day. I can still see my Dad up on the ladder, hammering and laughing with the motley crew, along with my father-in-law who covered his balding un-churched truck-driving head with a neck gator so that he could dodge impromptu Scripture-throwing and splinters at the same time.  I needed to spruce up the outside with bulbs and patches of prayed-in dirt. 
The year was 1979. I was expecting a baby and the move had been difficult. My mother-in-law moved boxes for me and put my house together. I just wanted to plant things in the ground.
The chorus in the shingled sky continued. They hammered. And sang. And prayed. I ran as fast as I could from flying nails – as fast as a pregnant woman could run – and served iced tea, carefully and slowly walking barefoot through the grass filled with tape measures and lumber, wondering how we would ever repay them for such kindness 
And then it started to rain

They kept hammering. But faster.

Everything in the universe is composed of five elements: wood, fire, earth, water and metal. I had all five elements on top of my house at the same time. It was like watching spiritual improv on my own personal green Mount of Transfiguration! Jesus told a crowd of people that His Father sends rain to the just and the unjust. During my green house days, I saw Him send rain on the churched and the un-churched. My neighborhood had never heard such.My house was transfigured in a day.My heart was changed forever.

My African water jug

Which brings me to why I think I know what my heart was trying to tell me this morning some forty-three years later when God as my Witness, I sat straight up in bed and smelled earthy rain clear as day. Not a cloud in the sky outside. But I’m sure I heard a thunderclap in my bedroom. It came from way back in the suburban days of newborns and baptisms, deacons and dahlias…
Two simple words have been floating around in my consciousness for about three years now and they won’t let me go. 
Remove judgment.
The year of 2019 was a banner year of bodacious struggle, you see…literally raining down on my pencil head with a force so ungodly I didn’t think I’d survive it  and that was before the pandemic began. I had a right to hate. I had a right to seek revenge. I had a right to….to…..undo myself.
Remove judgment.That’s what Spirit said.
 I’ve been trying for three years to fine-tune that command. “But they did this…” Remove judgment. “And then they did that!!…” Remove judgment. “But they deserve to pay for what they did. They are the unjust. Right?”Remove judgment. 

Finally one day I asked why. And the answer I got was like unbounded water falling off a roof.
Because your freedom is at stake. 

The cloud that filled my room this morning
was the same cloud that kept those heavenly roofers hammering in the pouring rain
and is the same cloud that continues to transform me when life sends thunder and lightning.
Whenever I feel justified in judging no matter how justified it is
I hear those two words and stop myself lest it be my undoing

This morning my own sweet grandson gathered a pile of rocks, sticks and leaves (those elements…) and took them to the cemetery. He made an arrangement on top of Papa’s marble headstone with great care and deliberation and I felt
the power of marble on marble, peace on peace, granite and wood and fire and earth
and water

and maybe the sound of hammers
My flower garden 1979
Watered with sawdust
no judgment

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Peace Globe of The Day ~ Harry and Sherpa!

From the blog Books, Cooks, Looks! we have the animals on Patty Leonard Woodland’s farm (The Happy Goats are awesome!) blogging for peace in the year 2015. This is what they had to say, “This year Harry and Sherpa have come together to meow to you to come together no matter what your differences may be. Because is you don’t we have no hope of ever seeing Peace in our lifetimes. If a frisky tuxie cat and a cantankerous orange tabby can get along then there is hope for everyone else.” Yes! We agree! You can read what else they had to say HERE.

Thank you for continuing to inspire.

Peace in Ukraine ~ Dona nobis pacem

Peace bloggers from all over the world will blog and post for peace this weekend (Sat & Sun) in support of the people of Ukraine.

Thank you for joining us. Please pray for Ukraine and the entire world.
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Ukraine peace globe templates found HERE. The event goes through the entire weekend. I hope you draw inspiration from the writing of others in these challenging times.  Here are a few of the new peace globes coming in…

Created by Ann Adamus @ Zoolatry

Julie Schultz ~ with a post about Operation Christmas Child and Samaritan’s Purse efforts in Ukraine. Click here to read.

Violins and Ukraine

Let the music take you.
No words
#TokyoSymphony #OsloPhilharmonic #HollywoodStudios #MunichChamberOrchestra
“We play an old Ukrainian folk song called Verbovaya Doschechka. Nine other young violinists sheltering in Ukraine join in unison, and are accompanied in harmony by players from London Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony, Oslo Philharmonic, the Hollywood Studios, and top violinists from all over the world including Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Belgium, Georgia, Poland, South Korea, South Africa, Moldova, Denmark, India, and the entire violin section of the Munich Chamber Orchestra!”
From the website

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Blog4Peace is Nov 4 ~ Join us

All over the world, people blog for peace on November 4th

 Welcome to the Peace Globe Gallery ~  A collection of peace globes from around the world. Please take a minute to explore our site and see the beautiful peace globes sent from every continent and over 214 countries/territories. Peace bloggers are inspiring!

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Blog 4 Peace (BlogBlast For Peace) November 4 – 7, 2021

Free template
Papa’s marbles of peace

Announcing BlogBlast For Peace 2021 (aka Blog4Peace) 

Welcome to the 16th year of peace blogging in the Blogosphere! 
Welcome peace bloggers! 

*Thursday, Nov 4, – Sunday, Nov 7, 2021
*NOTE: We have expanded the date from one day to FOUR days of peace blogging this year. Choose a day to participate or blog peace all four days! This gives people a chance to really visit each other and see all the peace globes.

 How to Blog4Peace 

Bloggers and social media posters from all across the globe

will blog for peace
Nov 4 - 7
NOV 4 – 7th

Our 2021 theme is 

Courageous Peace in a Time of Great Change
No one on earth has been unaffected by the perpetual unfolding crisis of this global pandemic. We are still thriving and swimming and struggling a bit with its far-reaching effects. I believe it’s always wise in a crisis to glean those nuggets of truth that rise to the surface and change us for the better. And despite our well-deserved grumblings and grief-stricken days, there have been transformations within each of us that perhaps only a scene of such epic proportions could produce. The fallout might rain down some fruit. 
Notice it. Harness it. Strengthen it. Loose it to the world.

Courage: the ability to do something that frightens one or
strength in the face of pain or grief
Courage: the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation

This is how I’ve felt since the pandemic began.
 Can you relate?

Wire-walking on a smorgasbord of choices: Physical courage involves proceeding despite fear of physical harm. Social Courage. …Moral Courage. ..Emotional Courage……Intellectual Courage….. …Spiritual Courage. It’s taken all seven forms of courage to walk this wire.  All of us were forced to dig deep – right down to our core – and pull from that bountiful bucketload of courage on a daily basis. Life has become a kaleidoscope of neon colors on steroids since early 2020! What a global ride we are on!  The things that really matter have been held to a light of specific and painstaking inspection. We are still in a mode of discernment across the world!  You became caregivers, educators, fierce protectors of self and family, armchair scientists, researchers, questioners, and truth-seekers. 

I contend that somewhere in that mix of human achievements is also a bounty of peace.
Peace that comes from simply doing what you have to do. Putting one foot in front of the other and doing the best you can. There’s satisfaction in that. There’s grace in that. And I don’t mean finding peace at the end of the the tragic mess we’re in, but peace in the midst of the mess we’re in.

See that light?

It’s in you.
Peace bloggers always know how to find it. It’s been challenging the last two years to write about peace, but it’s NEVER been more important. Your words have never been more powerful. Your words (!) oh, your words are truly inspiring and fabulous! The thousands of peace globes and posts you’ve created continue to alter the landscape of the hearts and minds of all who see them.
 Give it your attention and ride this out. I promise it will be the best peace blogging year we’ve ever had – even and especially NOW.

Courageous Peace in a Time of Great Change! 

What has your courage looked like in your life during the past two years? What does it look like now? I’m asking because you need to understand that those of us paying attention SEE your character shining through with every choice you’ve made and continue to make. My opinion on your personal choice doesn’t matter. I’ve seen stress, illness and death knock on doors in my neighborhood…. only to be met with that one neon-colored beautiful word – COURAGE
That’s what matters.
How can we take this extraordinary fortitude and weave it back into the ordinary, if and when our pre-pandemic lives ever return? What attributes and/or personal growth have you noticed about yourself that you want to carry with you through the remainder of your days as we deal with an ever-growing chasm of dissent and division? 
It’s going to take COURAGE. It’s going to take CONSISTENCY. It’s going to take CONVICTION. It’s going to take COMPASSION.
And where does peace fit into this equation? I contend that peace is a natural consequence of walking through grace….even when you think that grace looks like pain. If you made it through this far, peace IS a consequence. Keep holding on to that and don’t let go.
When the world looks back at your life during this time of great change, what will they see? What will your story be?
It’s going to take courage to manifest peace in these times.
That’s my challenge.
Let’s go. It’s a launch!
See the thousands of peace globes from 214+ countries and territories flying in the Official Gallery @

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Mimi Lenox peace globe, the first peace globe
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It's a Covid Christmas and We Will Speak PEACE

Dear Peace Bloggers,
LET ‘EM FLYI am releasing the peace globes this week of Christmas 2020.Covid Christmas? Crazy Christmas? Unprecedented Christmas? Stressful Christmas?All. of. the. above. I’m struggling to keep my head and heart and body protected as well. But we can’t let the presence of the virus steal our joy or our hope. I can’t let the virus take me to a dark Christmas.
It will make you and this community feel better.Pick your favorite one from past launches or make a new one. Post peace globes and words of comfort all over your blogs and social media during Christmas Peace Week 2020 starting NOW through New Years. If you don’t know how and would like to join us for the first time, contact me or visit for templates and instructions.  Here are a few from years past during Christmastime. Encouragement. Peace. Love. HOPE.
Let’s do this. We mourn the passing of so many people around the world. Our friends. Our loved ones. They would want us to keep the faith. They would want us to speak love and hope.Things will change. It WILL get better. HOLD ON.

Miss Bee of The High Seas

Sanni in Germany

Skeezix the Cat ~ RIP ~ He still makes me smile.

Templates on this page and at

#peaceglobes #blog4peace #peaceonearth #christmas2020 #CrazyChristmas #CovidChristmas2020 

Free template to us

Dona nobis pacem ~ Grant us peace

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Peace in the Time of Quarantine ~ Announcing Blog 4 Peace NOV 4, 2020

Wherever you find your peace….
share it with others. It’s time to Blog4Peace. November 4th is the day.
Blue peace globe template for Nov 4
It is our 15th year of peace blogging.

I still find my own peace in the sanctuary of silence, meditation and prayer. Living in the days of a global pandemic calls for more and more of whatever brings you to the place you call peace. 
I love Natalie Grant’s honest emotional performances. Those strings!
 That choir Recorded with The London Studio Orchestra earlier this year, I was shocked and inspired to see that one of the cellists looks exactly like my Papa, my grandfather, the marble-giver, the one who set my life on a path of discovering peace. Coincidence? Or is it a wink and a nod from Heaven….Papalways leaves me clues. I think this is no different.  

We Blog 4 Peace November 4, 2020. Wherever you find your solace in this year of upside-down humanity, please prepare to share it with us. The world needs peace like never before. 

Our 2020 theme is Peace in the Time of Quarantine. 

 It’s a launch!  Dona nobis pacem in the blogosphere has begun.

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