Peace Globe #10,436 ~ A Dose A Day

Digital Catharsis
Nelson A. Bautista
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emeritas
Original Peace Blogger
The visual quotes in this peace post are STUNNING!!!
Thank you, Nelson.

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Peace Globe #10,315 ~ The Best Parts by Ferd Crotte

Dr. Ferd Crotte
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Peace Globe #10,276 ~ The Best Parts

 Ferd writes, “November wouldn’t be the same without Blog Blast for Peace! Thank you, Mimi, for these beautiful moments in the blogosphere!”

  The Best PartsFerd Crotte, MDWinston Salem, North Carolina
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4. Title
your post or status Dona Nobis Pace
m (Latin for Grant us Peace) hashtag #blog4peace #blogblast4peace

Peace Globe #2260 ~ Digital Catharsis

 Digital CatharsisNelson A. Bautista Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emeritas  Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2012

#blog4peace #blogblast4peace

Peace Globe #1568 ~ The Best Parts

Ferd made an animated peace globe. It is awesome! Wait until you see it!
Click the link and watch it fly!

The Best Parts
North Carolina

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