Living with Loulou Peace Globe #10,493

“Peace Engenders Peace”

LouLou writes…”even a tiny gesture made toward peace is the pebble in the pond of unrest, generating, we hope, circle upon circle of calm.”

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Living with LouLou Peace Globe #10,492

Here’s an excerpt from her wonderful post. I hope you will click above and read the rest.

In blogging for peace, all of us who blog are offering a few words that might make a difference if joined together into one plea, one wish.  That we live in peace with one another, despite differences, since differences are what each human being is born with.  Thank heaven, or we might be bored to tears in a robotic, sterile, world!

Peace on earth, good will toward anthros and animals.  Do we have that?  I think not.  But perhaps we might reflect on it for one, sweet day…..Perhaps our meows will be heard, perhaps not.
But at least we opened our muzzles and put our paws to work to call for a better world.”

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Peace Globe #10,348 ~ Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

New York
Texas writes, ” This is our first time pawticipating in this event and we wanted to do something special. Of course, us kitties know the secret to peace and happiness (and many other things, some we will not share!) So I wanted to share pare of this secret with you. How Kitshka and I find peace. Are you ready?” 

Visit their site for an array of wonderful pictures demonstrating just how easy it is to live (and purr) in peace. From the Kitties’ perspective!

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Peace Bloggers #6633 – 6767 from France, Florida, Finland and Fiji

Say hello to 135 new people from four powerhouse countries and states flying peace globe symbols today. We welcome them to our Facebook page and hope they will continue to be a voice for peace in the world.  There are 33 from Fiji, 1 from Finland, 53 from Florida and 48 from France.  
Fiji:  Labasa, Northern    Lautoka, Western (5)  Levuka, Eastern    Nadi      Nausori, Central (2)   Rakiraki, Western     Suva City, Central (21)  Savusavu

Finland:  Pori

Florida: Atlantic Beach, Beverly Hills, Boca Raton, Cape Coral, Egypt, Lake-Leto, Fort Lauderdale (2), Italia, Jacksonville (2), Jupiter, Key West, Largo (2), Lecanto, Miami (19), Miami Beach (5), Naples (2), New York, Orlando, Saint Augustine, Sarasota, Sebastian, South Beach, South Miami, Panama City, Saint Petersburg, Tampa, Winter Park

France:   Bagneux, Ile de France    Bandol   Barlin Berhet  Bezons, Ile de France    Bordeaux  Bretagne, Aquitaine     Cannes   Chambery    Croix, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais     Darnétalm Haute-Normandie (2)    Grenoble      Lacanau-Ocean, Aquitaine    Marmande   Marseille (2)  Mouhet, Centre      Moulins, Auvergne   Montpellier   Mulhouse    Nice   Paris  (20)   Perpignan   Propriano, Corse     Saint-Tropez     Toulouse    Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur     Velizy-Villacoublay, Ile-de-France   

November 4th will soon be here. I can’t wait!

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Peace Globes #4187 – 4192 ~ Rantings Of The Marginalised

Anti-Discrimination ~ Japanese

Sachiko Ueyama creates multilingual peace globes in five languages for the 2013 Blog4Peace launch. We have Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and French. The blog is called Rantings of The Marginalised and is penned from Oakland, California. We thank Sachiko for this dedication to peace and passion for diversity in the world.

Anti-War French


World Peace for Procession of Humanity ~ Chinese
We Are The Family of Earth ~ Chinese
Modern Arabic

Realize The Dream of Peace ~ Spanish

Rantings Of The Marginalised blog by Sachiko Ueyama


Arabic: “Peace and Friendship”
Chinese: “We are all Family of the Earth”
French: With war – we, all the people of the world – can only lose. We are going to lose until we can make world peace a reality. 
Japaneses Blue: We are all people of the same planet. There is no reason to discriminate and fight against each other, this world is the world’s world, and nothing causes more harm than discrimination. For the very reason that people hurt and kill each other by fault of discrimination, discrimination is there for the greatest threat of World Peace. To step even one foot toward World Peace, we must absolutely do away with discrimination. 
Japanese – Purple: People split the world up many different ways, such as a Third World, or making Europe and Asia separate continents, there are many views. We’ll probably someday find another planet with animals; if it exists, we have that power within us.  The human race of this Earth is quite powerful. But we have no overcome yet one burden – that is, that we even now discriminate against each other and fight each other. As long as we continue hating, glaring at, doubting and fearing each other, we shall never even proceed a single step toward the future that shines brilliantly with possibility. This is why we must discard with hatred, discrimination, doubt and fear of each other. For ourselves, for each other, for the children and for the future. Now, with our hearts, let us dispose of it.”

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