Peace Globe #10,446 ~ Salome Janashia

Republic of Georgia
Facebook post

She writes,My Peace Globe… I am Salome Janashia age 15 from Republic of Georgia. I know what is peace and I know how great the feeling is when you feel safe but there was a time in my life when I did not feel safe. In 2008 in August my country had war with Russia. 
Grapes are symbol of my country because we have very old culture of making wine.
This is my flag with five crosses representing Jesus and the four evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.” 

Peace Bloggers #6801 – 6864 from Georgia and Georgia

There’s Georgia and then there’s Georgia. One is a country, one is a state in the United States. Both are peace bloggers. We invite them to share and celebrate the commonalities we all possess, even when are names are different.

From the country of Georgia (53) and the State of Georgia in the USA (11)

Centenial Olympic Park ~ Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia (country):   Akhaltsikh   Akhmeta    Bakuriani    Batum (2)   Bat’Umi, Ajaria (5)    Borjomi, Raioni     Chkhorotsku    Gelati, K’Ut’Aisi   Gori   K’Obulet’I, Ajaria      Kutaissi, Tsalkis Raioni (2)       Senaki     T’bilisi (17)  Tbilisi, Dushet’s Raioni (14)    T’Elavi, T’Bilisi    Tsvane, Zestap’Onis     Raioni    Vani   Zugdidi 

Georgia: Atlanta (3), Cedartown, Gainesville, Jefferson, Leesburg, North Atlanta, Rex, Stone Mountain, Tallapoosa
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