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GoodnightGram is an inspiration!

 She writes, “Some time ago, I worked on the following graphic. I have always liked it because it took some time to get it just right, but I have never shared it. My idea was that if we have peace in our world, then our world is made up of peace. In the graphic below, I also liked that each word alone was a complete message of two words: World Peace; either one can stand alone.”

And of course, her amazing “peace treaties” cookies! Gram started the tradition in 2013. She and her granddaughter share them at school and in the community. It’s peace blogging in action! Today she writes a beautiful post on the importance of family and heritage. Please read it and get to know this awesome lady.

 Goodnight Gram’s Blog

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Peace Globe #4244 ~ GoodnightGram’s Blog

  GoodnightGram’s BlogParis Peace Treaties Wrapped In Peace


Did you know that Gram began her preparation for this year’s BlogBlast For Peace by committing to reading peace treaties from around the world? She did! Then she made peace “treaties” cookies (see above) ha! and collected fabric for peace scarves, wrapped herself in peace and took them to her community and distributed the cookies with her granddaughter’s help on BlogBlast For Peace Day. That is awesome!!!Here’s what she had to say…
“In recent weeks, I have been reading the texts of international peace treaties to learn the language of how some very serious conflicts were worked out. I wanted to see what I could apply to my own life, albeit on a much smaller scale. Though I have only had the time to mention a scant few treaties here, I have been reading treaty texts diligently.” 

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Peace Globe #2281 ~ GoodnightGrams’ Blog

Can you believe she made a peace globe by baking a cake? Believe it!

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Peace Globe #1999 ~ GoodnightGram’s Blog

Yes, she “knitted the world” together and made a knitted peace globe. It’s awesome!