Peace Globe #4254 ~ More Random Than Average


More Random Than Average Marilyn Glazer Winfield, Kansaswith an original video message on the subject of peace

Listen in while a veteran peace blogger explains her journey through the peace globe movement, while fulfilling a promise she made to educate herself this year by choosing a book on war/peace, reading it, and sharing what she learned with all of us. She learned that the process of peace building must begin from within the heart of the communities at WAR, not from outsiders coming in to fix a culture of people who really must fix themselves. It begins with a vision and a desire. Thank you, Marilyn. We will keep dreaming. #blog4peace

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Blog4Peace Globe #2496 ~ More Random Than Average

 More Random Than AverageOriginal Peace Blogger  Winfield, Kansas With a spectacularly original YouTube video on the making of her peace globe!

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Peace Globe #2322 ~ More Random Than Average

Original peace blogger
Winfield, Kansas
In addition to a beautiful peace poem accompanied by historical images
She wrote, “This might seem silly to some, but to those people I’d just like to point out that words and images are not powerless. Even in the hands of regular people, especially when there are many of us, words and images have some power, and so this isn’t a waste of time and effort. This might even, possibly, be the only important thing I’ve ever blogged.”

Peace Globe #1844 ~ The Chronicle of Woos (The OP Pack)

aka The OP Pack
Overland Park, Kansas
Peace Globe created by Annelisa @ Words That Flow in East Sussex, United Kingdom ~ A Peace Globe Worker Bee