Flying Peace Globes Today from Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared into the night sky from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing, China on March 8, 2014. As of this post the airliner has not been found. Our prayers and hopes are with the families of all aboard. These are a few of the beautiful peace globes previously submitted by citizens of Malaysia, who have long participated in this movement from the very beginning. Our thoughts are with them. 

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Blog4Peace Globe #2587 ~ The Furries of Whisppy


 Picture of PEACE
“Boomer and Coco are not best friends but they accept that they are who they are and respect each other’s space. And so there is peace” The Furries of WhisppyMalaysia#blog4peace Pin It Peace Store
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And You Thought Dogs Couldn’t Talk?

Today we are featuring the awesome website Dogs With Blogs and all the other peace lovin’ pets in the world. Take a stroll through this post and see just a few of our canine peace activists at work.
Dogs With Blogs  Here are a few memorable woofs…

Jersey The Furry Diva from Germany. Over the years, we have been properly entertained and inspired by Jersey. Miss Sanni always makes sure Jersey blogs for peace!  

My Dogs Keep Me Sane

Odat MumblesNew York

 Basset Knitter

Asta’s World
New York City, New York 

 Nottie Scottie
Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cindy Lu’s MuseChicago, Illinois

Jan’s Funny Farm 



Portland, Oregon


 Sparkie Dog ~ United Kingdom 

Peace on, Jersey.

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Peace Globe #1695 ~ Yang Terbuku Di Hati

Yang Terbuku Di Hati )At the heart of Terbuku)
Cinta KeAMANan Benci PePERANGan (Peace Love Hate Respects)

Malay to English translation of post via Google translate

All Human mimpikan peaceful world. But there are also some more love to see the human world may have fought for Business Value in the World is at war. I am impressed with the quote from the blog Chedet:
“Now the big powers have developed nuclear bombs and missiles many times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. Even if THEY Explode deep in the ground the dust blown up would still be carried far and wide. The inclusion of small amounts of nuclear material in conventional bombs would also spread the effect to distant places “
Human reason to create increasingly sophisticated weapons to protect their country from attack any other country. Or perhaps they created a weapon to be sold by the hundreds of millions. I have read that there is a group called the Human Freemasons ever war plans from one country to another country for the purpose of Business and there are facts that prove that the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran are against Ya’jud Ma ‘ jud.Purpose whatsoever, war causes death and misery. Wives lost husbands and children lost a father. Equally, some are handicapped for life due to contact with explosive weapons. The war resulted in a national culture built hundreds of years of sweat and money destroyed hundreds of billion dollars overnight. Semuga all War Criminals will be punished with the punishment accordingly.
We pray semuga all war can be terminated and more importantly never spread to Malaysia. Sure all people hope that the hot political climate in Malaysia is not up to extreme prejudice that can be used by third parties to menghuru-harakan peace we enjoy since independence.

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