Peace Globe #10,352 ~ Michael J. Golch

Cleveland, Ohio

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Memorial Day 2014 ~ For Your Freedom and Mine

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Memorial Day 2013 ~ Let’s Not Forget The Forgotten Among The Forgotten

BlogBlast For Peace salutes Memorial Day 2013 in The United States of America ~ 
Let’s not forget the nurses, the Chaplains, the women, former slaves during the Civil War, the Tomb of The Unknowns and the Missing In Action in places of interment all across the country and world. We thank you for your service to our country. We pray for the day when peace prevails and no one has to suffer or die in a war anywhere in the world.


The Four  Chaplains Stained Glass at The Pentagon


Tomb Of The Unknowns ~ Arlington Cemetery, Virginia

Chaplain’s Military Holy Bible

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

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BlogBlast For Peace Salutes Veterans 2012

We honor and salute all Veterans around the world;  in wars past, in peace time duty, in wars present and who continue to serve and sacrifice along with the families they must leave. BlogBlast4Peace will always pay respect to the brave men and women who defend and protect.   
No one wants peace more than a soldier.

Band of the 10th Veteran Reserve Corps. Washington, D.C. April, 1865

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Peace Globe #2239 ~ Chasing Myself

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Peace Globe #2207 ~ The Big Leather Couch (BlogTalk Radio’s Music On The Couch)

The Big Leather Couch Host of Blog Talk Radio’s Music On The CouchVinny Bond “Bee” MariniNancy Carter Barton-Marini  Peace Globes Galore – SPEAK up! 3 Days Until Peace Five On Friday – Peace Edition 30 Days Until BlogBlast For Peace  Original peace bloggerFOUNDER of the Peace Globe Worker BeesOlive Branch, Mississippi

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Peace Globe #2164 ~ Shannon’s Moments of Introspection

Peace Globe Worker Bee
Original Peace Blogger
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

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Peace Globe #2150 ~ Sarge Charlie

Original Peace Blogger 
In memoriam: Sarge Charlie passed away in 2012 from the ultimate effects of Agent Orange which he encountered in VietNam, while in the service of his country.
“Will I see a peaceful world in my lifetime, I doubt it, but I have two fine young grandsons, please do not let them go where I have been, please do not let them see what I saw…..”

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