Peace Globe of The Day ~ Kjelle Bus

aka Charlie Rascal… Today’s globe comes from Sweden way back in the year 2011. Here’s the LINK to his blog and what he had to say about peace with a personal connection to the wise and honorable Dalai Lama.

This was Peace Globe #8678 and is documented HERE in the Official Gallery.

Peace and love

Peace Is Good

During this time of great transition and change in our world – and we ARE in such a time – let’s not forget to forge peace. Keep it in the forefront of your minds and hearts. There is no greater force in the world than its people in unity for GOOD. 

Peace is good.

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Peace Globe #10,475 ~ The Misadventures of Me

Facebook Entry
United States

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4 Like Our Facebook Page ~ Peace Store How To Get Your Own Peace Globe”

Peace Globe #10,333 ~ Furry Tails of the PDX Pride

Vancouver, Washington
United States of America

Peace Globe #7686 ~ Lui Is In Heaven

Lui Is In HeavenLui BacaltosPhilippines*image credit Lui Bacaltos*  Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook pageOur Peace Store

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4. Title
your post or status Dona Nobis Pace
m (Latin for Grant us Peace) hashtag #blog4peace #blogblast4peace

Peace Globe #2415 ~ Peace Bloggers Unite

This is a screenshot of peace blogger Annelisa Lynch’s blog called Peace Bloggers Unite. It is a website designed in support of BlogBlast4Peace.  She began making a colorful peace web “quilt” on a page back in 2011. It is so awesome to see them displayed like this. Annelisa has been an ardent supporter of the movement since its inception in 2006.  Every launch she is busy helping me collect them from all over the world. I cannot thank her enough for her friendship and heart.
She is as passionate a peace blogger as I’ve ever known. 

Annelisa Lynch
United Kingdom

Peace Globe #2414 ~ Words That Flow

Annelisa Lynch
Original Peace Blogger
Member of The Peace Globe Worker Bees
East Sussex, United Kingdom

Peace Globe #2412 ~ Winesome Winston

Winesome Winston 
He writes, We all know there is power in numbers.  Also,  there is power in prayer. 
Maybe, just maybe, there is power in blogging.”
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