Blog 4 Peace (BlogBlast For Peace) November 4 -6, 2022

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Announcing Blog4Peace 2022 (aka BlogBlast for Peace) 
Welcome to the 17th year of peace blogging in the Blogosphere! Welcome peace bloggers! Welcome social media participants who also Post4Peace on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.
November 4 – 6, 2022 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) 

Bloggers and social media posters from all across the globe 
will blog and post for peace. 
 NOV 4 – 6th

Our 2022 Theme is
No Freedom, No Peace
I don’t have to tell you what’s going on in the world. From tanks in Ukraine to ongoing conflicts in many parts of the globe to headscarves flying off in Iran, we’re in a battle for universal and personal peace. We’re in a storm calling for independence in a world saturated with oppression. We need freedom. 
The whole world is in a foxhole. 
Latin for “Grant us Peace”

 Why do we need freedom? We need freedom to speak. Freedom to love. Freedom to lie down peacefully at night without bombs falling outside our windows. Freedom to worship. Freedom to abstain from worship. FREEDOM. Economic and social.

Freedom from guns on the street. Freedom from racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia, classism, discrimination and prejudice. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from corruption. Freedom from the worry of nuclear war.  
And most importantly, freedom from the worries in our heads that keep us unhealthy and enslaved. 

Deepak Chopra said, 
“When you feel unbounded and free, you will begin to heal yourself.” 

It’s hard to remain unbound 

when the world wants to keep you in chains. 
Are you free? And if you’re not, what is holding you back?  
I am convinced that no amount of peace can spring from even a sliver of bondage. 
 Figure it out. What is keeping you bound? 
Where is YOUR freedom? 
How precious is it to you?
What does your liberation look like?
What makes you free? 
What will you do to get it?
What makes a country free?
What makes our planet free?
What will we do to protect it?

 When you fight for your freedom you are fighting for your peace.
When we fight for OUR freedom, we are fighting for our peace.
 That’s everything.
 But what if your freedom infringes upon my freedom? 
Are we free? 
 We are even more estranged. We are at war.
Make sure your “freedoms” cause no harm to others.
No Freedom, No Peace
See how that works?
We are peace bloggers. It’s what we do. 
This isn’t a rallying cry for more war. That wouldn’t be in our wheelhouse. 
It is not an if-then statement. It is not a threat against power. Under the conditions of a peace movement such as this, we are acknowledging that one cannot exist without the other.  It is clear we are talking about mutual evolution, not revolution….UNLESS…your revolution is quiet and peaceful, productive and compassionate. Then I’m all in. 
This is my challenge to you this year.
When you find yourself in the middle of an invasion or unwanted change, surrounded and bound, reclaim your freedom. 
Let’s get FREE! 
Note: You can make it personal or you can write about the national and global issues facing us. Your choice. 

Get your own peace globe HERE
Peace Globe Templates HERE.
Special Ukraine Templates HERE.
Thank you for continuing to inspire me. Thank you for being a community of life-changers, givers, and lovers of peace. Thank you continuing to share your powerful images and words with all of us. 
See the thousands of peace globes flying in the official gallery from 214+ countries and territories since 2006 when we started. 
Let’s go! It’s a launch!
How To Links:
Use this blank template to make your own peace globe

Contact me at blog4peace @ if you have questions.

Images: Mimi Lenox, Pixabay

 ©Mimi Lenox All Rights Reserved Blog4Peace™ BlogBlast4Peace™ Blog For Peace™ Post4Peace™ BlogBlast for Peace™ Peace Bloggers™

10 GROOVY Reasons To Blog and Post For Peace NEXT WEEKEND!!

This article now (hopefully) trending on BuzzFeed Check it out.
#1  You’ve always secretly wanted to join a revolution.
Created by Eileen Trainor 

 #2  It’s time to create something funky and retro.

Created by Rose @ Walk In The Wood (Connecticut)

#3  Because nobody really believes you’re groovy and you need to prove them wrong.

Created by Thumper Thinks Out Loud (K A Thompson)

#4  All the radical internet kids are doing it.

Created by Jobi Harris in Florida

#5  You’re too old or too late for Woodstock

Psychokitty’s Blog

#6  You can make a statement without getting a tattoo!!

Created by Silvia Hoefnagels in Ireland

#7  We’re blowing each other up.

#8  Seriously, you should be sick of #7 by now.

#9 Words are Powerful…this matters

Created by Ann Adamus at

#10 Blogging for Peace brings people together from all over the world. And it’s free.

Here’s a blank background. Grab it and use it. Decorate at will. Sign it. Post it. Wherever you are online. Nov 4-6, 2022  You’re a peace blogger. Welcome to the movement. 

See how easy that was?

There are many more template choices ~ Dona nobis pacem means Grant us peace in Latin. Go to for more info. Can’t wait to see you there. 
Be groovy, K?

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Peace Globe of The Day ~ Nanna and Her Marvelous Creations

Peace Globe of the Day comes in the form of many today. These are but a few of the fabulous graphics made by our own Nanna Aldrich Murakami in Hawaii. Not only does she support this platform so wonderfully, she makes inspirational graphics on Facebook that float through our timelines and always seem to be exactly what we need to hear in that moment. I don’t know how she does it. But I think it’s her gift.  She’s an ENCOURAGER and one of the kindest people I know. 
Enjoy these globes created and submitted by Nanna. 
They will lift you up. 
Thank you, my friend, for continuing to inspire. 

See what I mean? Stunning work!

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4 Like Our Facebook Page ~ Peace Store How To Get Your Own Peace Globe”

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