Peace Globe of The Day ~ WhiteBear and Rainfish

Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box. This lovely blog does just that. Today’s Peace Globe of The Day comes from WhiteBear and Rainfish (location unknown) Submitted in November 2008 and documented #1476.

Thank you for continuing to inspire.

All We Need Is Love…

Our Peace Globe of the Day comes from the Philippines in the year 2007! Simple. Powerful. We’ve always loved it. Here’s a LINK to the original post creator. The blog is called Everything and Then Some. We thank her for continuing to inspire.

And by the way…..this was number #27 (!) documented in the Official Gallery.

Peace Globe of The Day ~ Bailey the Boat Cat!

Peace Globe of The Day comes from Rome, Italy where Bailey the Boat Cat is in charge of sea waters! He writes on his previous blog ….”I hope and dream that evfurryone will be able to live peacefully on our blue planet. Human furiends remember that a smile starts another smile and furry furiends a purr or headbutt starts more purrs and more headbutts. Be nice to each other.”

His posting from 2014 is numbered #10,491 in the Official Gallery and on this blog as well.

Thank you, Bailey. You continue to inspire.

Peace Globe of The Day ~ The Chronicle of Woos

From a beautiful blog called The Chronicle of Woos, we have today’s peace globe of the day. It was created in 2010 by Annelisa in England for this group of handsome fellows in Overland Park, Kansas.

Thank you so much. You continue to inspire.

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