Romania, Belgium, Thailand and British Columbia blog for peace

There are 214 countries and territories who’ve blogged for peace in the past thirteen years. Where are you from? Is it peaceful where you live? Can you think of a way to influence your corner of the world for the common good? I know! I have a fabulous idea!

Join us NOV 4 and fly a peace globe. Below are four stellar examples from the past to inspire you.





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You Could Learn a Lot From a Cat

Animal Volunteer Shelter Life in Connecticut

Did you know that cats use their humans to blog for peace?
It’s true! Everybody knows who’s in charge. The cats!

Lone Star Cats from Texas

Hundreds of kitties can be found making puuurfectly peaceful blog posts on November 4th in all corners of the blogosphere. They’re busy right now getting ready for BlogBlast For Peace.
I challenge you to make peace a priority on November 4th. 

Here are a few of the marvelous peace globes made by the cat blogosphere!

Kevin Hattori 

George Clooney the Cat

Stunning Keisha!

Meezer’s Mews
Mickey’s Musings
Shelter Cats
Stunning Keisha

Stunning Keisha
Trav’s Thoughts in Washington

Beautiful New Blog4Peace Badges for 2019

Outstanding new badges for your sidebars and social media pages. Made by talented peace blogger Ann Adamus at the blog Zoolatry! Free to use for all peace bloggers everywhere!
 I’ve included a large size and a small size of each.

Please join us. Our theme is Change Your Climate.  You could write about global climate change or changing your own personal climate! 

One voice ~ One subject ~ One day~
Many thanks!

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Blog4Peace ~ 30 Day Countdown! November 4

The 30 day countdown to Blog4Peace has begun! As if our usual custom in the Blogosphere, writers from every continent and over 200 countries and territories will Blog 4 Peace on November 4th. We will post on our social media pages and websites, blogs and vlogs! 

This year’s theme is “Change Your Climate” which could mean anything from global climate change or changing your personal climate to a more peaceful one. 

Choose your peace globe template from the links on this page and let’s go!

We began blogging for peace in November, 2006. Thirteen  years and thousands of peace bloggers later, we are still blogging for peace. On every continent. In 214 countries and territories. In war-torn countries and peaceful villages. Whole families. Babies in utero (yes, really!) Teenagers. Senior citizens. Veterans of war. Poets and singers. Teachers. Classrooms. Authors and artists. Doctors. Lawyers. Cats (many many cat bloggers). Dogs. Gerbils. Birds. Goats and Bunnies. Scientists. Designers. Researchers. Stay-at-home-parents. Kids. Baby Boomers. From the Netherlands to Kansas. And everywhere in between.

We. Still. Blog. For. Peace

Join us the next 30 days as we prepare for Nov 4th. Get your peace globes ready. Prepare your posts. Help us spread the word by blogging and posting on social media everywhere you can.

Hashtag #blog4peace  #Nov4 #BlogBlast4Peace #BlogBlastForPeace #ChangeYourClimate #peaceblogger

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4 Like Our Facebook Page ~ Peace Store How To Get Your Own Peace Globe”

How To Use Social Media For GOOD ~ It’s Peace Globe Time

Welcome to the 14th year of peace blogging aka Dona nobis pacem in the Blogosphere! We have happily morphed into social media peace blogging as well! You can participate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or on your own website!  Spread the word! It’s time to use your voice to inspire change in the world. Words are powerful. Become a peace blogger!

Thank you Michelle Culp for the graphic

Choose a blank peace globe template from this page. You can also get one from the Facebook Page.  from below. Design a peace globe with quotes, art, and individualized messages of peace. There are thousands of examples at the Official Site of Blog4Peace to give you inspiration.

Send the finished globe to and TAG Mimi Lenox on Facebook or any other social media platform. Your creation will be added to the Official Peace Globe Gallery and given an official number!

Post and write about PEACE on your blog and social media pages on NOVEMBER 4. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, ANYWHERE you are online. You don’t have to have a blog to blog4peace.
We are everywhere you are.

Each year we have grown stronger and louder, more determined and sure. This movement has settled into a place that has become everyone’s place at the table. Peace bloggers come from 214 countries/territories on every continent. We speak many languages and dialects, but one single Latin phrase has unified us into one voice: Dona nobis pacem – Grant us peace.

Official Logo

Join us?  NOV 4th  Go to to find more inspiration about this movement. If you are graphically challenged, we have helper peace globe makers standing by to assist you! Leave a message on the peace page if you need help with your graphic or have questions.

Helpful links: How To Get Your Peace Globe Facebook Blog4Peace Fan Page  Announcing Blog4Peace 2019   Twitter Blog4Peace  YOU can be a peace blogger too!  Pinterest Peace  FREE Peace Globe Templates to Choose from (there are MANY to choose from) Instagram Peace Globes  (a brand new endeavor)

Facebook posting on peace blogging with Mimi Lenox 
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You Don’t Have To Have a Blog To Blog 4 Peace

Use your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account!
November 4 is the day.
We hope to see you there.

Here’s how to participate! Click the link below

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Calling All Peace Globe Worker Bees!

With two weeks remaining until BlogBlast For Peace, we are in full promotion mode. We need all peace bloggers near and far to start sharing past posts and peace globes with the world. 
We invite YOU to share your thoughts of peace and the power of words. 
How much negativity have you heard on the news lately? Have you noticed how words are cutting right through the hearts and minds of people – and usually not the right words. We can change that. YOU can change that. Every time someone speaks ill of someone else, judges, divides, manipulates, politicizes or ostracizes others, we ALL stand divided and unsteady.
We try to even the playing field. m
To get us started, here’s a brilliant example of the way peace bloggers operate collectively on November 4th every year.

Peace blogger, writer,  and brilliant wordsmith Jamie White sent in this timely globe today.  

Our theme this year is Words are Powerful!!!

What will you say to the world on November 4th?
Your turn.

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Join the Online Peace Movement NOV 4 ~ Blog 4 Peace! Post 4 Peace!

It seems that many of us are finding our voices at the same time this year – the RIGHT time.
I hope you will consider supporting our annual day of peace on November 4.

Canadian Peace globe from 2009

There is no better time to speak up than now.

Peace in the world is essential to sustaining LIFE on our planet, harmony in our homes, and positive progress in the world. 
We all inhabit this one ball of dirt. 

Let your voice count. 
Speak up!

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Funky Peace Globe Templates for BlogBlast4Peace

Created by Michelle Frost

Blog4Peace is held each Nov 4th. Here are a few peace globe templates made just for you in Funky red and pink colors. If you’re into psychedelic peace, pick one out and make it your own peace globe. Have fun! 

Created by Michelle Frost

Dona nobis pacem ~ Grant us peace

An earth tone collection of pre-made templates, graphics and logos for your use as a peace blogger. Add them to your blogs, sidebars, Facebook and Twitter pages. Add your own words and pictures to these templates and blog that peace!
How To Get Your Peace Globe
One subject ~ One voice ~ One day
Created by Michelle Frost


How To Get Your Peace Globe
Graphics & Design copyright: Mimi Len

30 Days ‘Til BlogBlast For Peace ~ Join us

created by Janice D’Agostino

created by peace blogger Janice D’Agostino

In less than thirty days we will blog for peace. Does anyone doubt we need to? Have you read the world news stories lately? Violence in our communities and cities is at an all-time high and people are suffering around the world. How much stress can one planet take? Will you raise your voice with us? Will you speak for peace this year?Did you know that your words are powerful?Well, they are.Let’s do this.
Here’s how! Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook pageOur Peace Store
Peace Bloggers Group