Doses of Wild Yam with Yamini ~ Peace Globe #10,479

Yamini MacLean
United Kingdom

Everyone on the planet should read this post! The trees, the forest, environmental care, protecting ourselves and our environment from disease and mismanagement – all crucial issues for this particular time in history. Please click HERE and read Yamini’s excellent essay. Here’s just one quote,  “Oh yes, dear ones, it must never be forgotten that all the plants of this earth, but the trees most of all, are the planet’s lungs. They are also, like the canaries in the mines, an indicator of the environment’s general health.” 
I learned so much from this post.

Peace graphic by Ann Adamus @ Zoolatry, Photo Mimi Lenox

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A Collection of International Peace Art Created by Bloggers

Just a few of the beautiful peace globes sent in from around the world during peace week. We are inspired by them. We are moved by them.   This gallery blog is full of such inspiration. Have a look around. 

Karen Thompson, California

Nanna Murakami in Hawaii

Marvelous Marvelous
Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Author Michelle Frost in Scotland
Pasco, Washington with Miz Peaches
Bonnie Cordle, West Palm Beach, Florida
Ann Dixon in Canada

A Welshwoman in Sicily

Mark Richard Prime, United States

Peace Globe #10,357 ~ Crow’s Feet

“What if enlightenment was something you created through energy rather than action?
What if it wasn’t the effort we put in, but the resonance we send out that made the world change?”

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Peace Globe #10,318 ~ Crow’s Feet with Michelle Frost


Michelle Frost 
She writes,
“This is the greatest challenge humanity faces, as our planet hurtles towards and unknown and seemingly unsettled future. We need to teach our world’s children how to be peaceful; how to love themselves and others.”

Peace Globe #7687 ~ Crow’s Feet with Author Michelle Frost

*Peace globes #7687 – 7691*
 Crow’s FeetMichelle FrostPeace Globe Worker Bee Peace Thimbles Michelle’s new book  Scotland 
She took the 60 Ways 2 Peace Challenge! 1 – Have Fun  2 – Respect Each Other  3 – Harvest Love  4 – Care  5 – Say NO to Nuclear  6 – Shine Your Light  7 – Breathe  8 – Random Hugs  9 – Shout It Out!  10 – YOU  10 – Vote For Peace  20  – Peace Starts Here  45 – Global Peace  46 Something More Peaceful   50 – Be The Change  51 – Water The Seed  52 –  Be The Captain of Your  Soul   53 – Make A Difference  54 – End of The World  56  – Stop and Smell the Flowers  57 – Smile  58 – Sing the Perfect Song  59 – The 60 Ways 2 Peace Challenge  

Peace Globe #7688

 “Love offers seemingly small gifts: patience, protection, empathy, fairplay; little words of encouragement and understanding. Such things may seem pointless and small, but small words in the hands of love are very powerful seeds.”

Michelle is a peace warrior. Oh yeah.
peace globe #7691

Michelle made many badges for 2014!   

peace globe #7689

peace globe #7690

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Peace Globe #4210 ~ Crow’s Feet in Scotland

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Peace Globe #2432 ~ Author Michelle Frost of Crow’s Feet

 Crow’s Feet
Michelle Yd. Frost

“A Flicker Of That Greater Flame”
Winner of Best Scotland Blog 2011
Michelle’s Peace Globe Page
Author of First Light available @ Amazon

Member of The Peace Globe Worker Bees

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Peace Globe #2419 ~ Crow’s Feet and Peace Thimbles

The graphics in this post are for anyone to use, thanks to Michelle Frost.

 (beach photo Mimi Lenox)

 Crow’s FeetPeaceThimbles2012 BlogBlast4Peace Reminder  Scotland’s Best Blog of 2011 WinnerAuthor of First Light, Michelle Yd Frost Peace Globe Worker BeeTHANK YOU for making these lovely graphics for anyone to use.
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NEW Peace Banners For You

Michelle Frost, author of the award-winning blog Crow’s Feet and winner of Best Scotland Blog 2011 created these fine templates for the upcoming launch. Feel free to use. We thank her.

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