Pray For Peace in Syria and Beyond

As the leaders of the world attempt to remedy all that is wrong and at risk, in conflicts brewing all over the planet intertwined in ways we don’t even understand, let us remember our common desire for peace.  May we focus on humanity and the basic right to live and breathe in safety, not in peril. All people deserve to live in peace and freedom. All children deserve to play barefoot in grass under blue skies of sunshine instead of clouds of smoke and fire. We owe our best efforts to them and to the generations that will follow.  If there is to be a world left standing at all, we need to get this right.
 There are unmentionable atrocities raining down like thunder on innocent babies in many parts of the world tonight. It is a shame to the dignity of the human race. It is a waste and hard to comprehend how people can live in such horror day by day. The heart of the world should be broken and the eyes of the world should be wet with tears. Please, keep prayers and hopes for peace flowing in your heart and minds for the salvation of our generation and our planet.
 Pray for the leaders of your nations to be wise and prudent. Pray for common sense and decency to prevail.  Now more than ever we need peace and hope. Let your desire for peace flow from a place of compassion and wisdom, not vengeance. Not only in Syria but all over the world.
Unless you plan on existing in another dimension no one else is aware of, you have to understand that we are one human race and one world.


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