Blog4Peace Globe #2439 ~ Susan, continued…. and Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Susan, continued….  with a Dream Peace Haiku
Imaginary Garden With Read Toads issuing a challenge to this wonderful community of poets @ The Sunday Mini-Challenge. The weekend theme was “Poetry For Peace”.  We thank them.
Finding Peace by Susan Chast (2012)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Poetry participants from Susan’s poetry challenge:

1. Shannon 9. Kerry 17. Mimi Lenox
2. Susan 10. J Cosmo Newbery 18. Behind The Smile
3. Tatius T. Darksong 11. Michelle of Crowsfeet blog 19. Mary Mansfield
4. Bing Yap (Pink Lady) 12. runaway sentence. 20. Listening Daisy
5. S. E. Ingraham 13. my heart’s love songs 21. rose
6. Kay, Alberta, Canada 14. Sherry Blue Sky 22. Hannah
7. Susie Clevenger 15. laurie kolp 23. You’re next!
8. Isadora Gruye 16. lolamouse

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