Peace Globe #10,341 ~ Shannon’s Moments of Introspection

 Peace can be obtained through love, kindness, understanding and forgiveness.

Peace will not happen overnight but it can be obtained.  

The world needs more peace and that peace starts with you and me.
Words matter.  Peace matters. Together we can make a difference.

Bangor, Wisconsin
Original Peace Blogger
Member of The Peace Globe Worker Bees
Shannon wrote a post each day for 30 days on the subject of love and gratitude – The #30 Days of Love Challenge. Those months turned out to be the prelude to one of the most difficult times in her life….the loss of her precious son, Colt. She has inspired me over and over with her dedication to self-awareness, faithfulness, self-discovery, her giving spirit, the insights she brings to the page… and the sweetness and strength I see in her. Shannon is not only a peace blogger, she is my friend. I am proud to know her. Her posts teach me how to live more fully. She helps me remember what’s important.
I hope you will read her thoughts on the following pages.
Day 30    Day 29     Day 28     Day 27     Day 26     Day 25     Day 24     Day 23     Day 22     Day 21     Day 20      Day 19        Day 18     Day 17     Day 16     Day 15     Day 14     Day 13     Day 12     Day 11     Day 10     Day 9     Day 8     Day 7     Day 6     Day 5     Day 4     Day 3     Day 2     Day 1
 Thank you, Shannon.

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