BlogBlast For Peace 2013 ~ Here's What We've Been Up To


The first Instagram peace globe from the Philippines

Here’s Mimi with an update on the phenomenon known as peace globes. Have you ever dreamed of something in your life and watched it come to fruition? That’s how I feel about BlogBlast For Peace. It was just an itty bitty baby back in November 2006 when we started with this post from my blog, Mimi Writes. I posted a challenge and got a rapid response from 56 people just like that, all eager to post the words Dona nobis pacem on a template and fly it around the world. I still know who those 56 people are. We should all be in their debt. They didn’t know it at the time, but they started a movement.  We’ve evolved from those handful of original peace bloggers to nearly 21,000 on the Facebook Fan Page, representing 200 countries, thousands here on this page, many more in our Cause list on Facebook, thousands of blogs and profile pages that keep getting

exponentially shared and tagged. Then there’s Twitter and Tumbler and Picasa and Flickr and Pinterest and Instagram. One year we blogged 100 Reasons To Blog For Peace each day for 100 days leading up to the launch. It was amazing! You took up the challenge as only peace bloggers can. Once I posted Thirty Days Thirty Reasons (aka 30 Days of War)! It was depressing and enlightening all at the same time. We sent our peace globes to the White House in 2008 and in 2010 we got them on the last NASA Space Flight.  Last year I took you to the Atlantic Ocean with me and we tossed  peace Messages In A Bottle from shores near and far. It was an inspiring launch from many parts of the world. Oh wait! That reminds me. I need to poke around the Blogosphere a bit more tonight. I hear a rumbling in the atmosphere. A buzzing sound. A stir. A frequency. We must still be up there flying around….or bobbing around in the ocean. It’s peace time.Join us.

   Please join us! Blog4Peace November 4 and everyday on our Facebook pageOur Peace Store
Peace Bloggers Group

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